Scottsdale 2012: Phoenix Zoo

While Ginny and I were in vacation in Scottsdale, AZ we went to the Phoenix Zoo. Below are are inside an exhibit that replacates the savanah. It might be shaddy but the humidity also gets trapped under the canopy.

We’re big lovers and supporters of the Zoo’s. Especially when they are dedicated to providing animals a good home. For me I love taking photo’s of some of these stunning animals. It is something that I do more for relaxation and fun. Thank goodness Ginny accepted this, because I can take hours to walk through a Zoo. On a side note this wasn’t the best zoo for animal photography. A lot of the exhibits had netting or fencing obstructing your view. With that said it was still worthwhile, especially if you have kids because they have lots of interactive things to do.

Below are a few of my bests:

I hope you enjoyed.

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