Review: Palermo Pizzeria – Simi Valley

Pizza – 5 stars! My wife and I went to Palermo Pizzeria for date night. We’re trying a new place every date night to keep the adventure alive. Since we do it all the time when we travel. Back to the review… The inside of the restaurant is dark and dated. They have a lot of wood lattice overhead and between the booths. They have fake green plants and white Christmas lights all round as well. Definitely needs some modernization. As for the food… it was pretty good. The blue cheese dressing was thin and watered down. But the meat sauce for the spaghetti was thick and savory. The best part was the pizza. We had a simple cheese pizza. The crust was golden brown, thin and crispy. The slices were large and are perfect for folding in half. It had a good crust, sauce and cheese ratio. I have enjoyed the left over just the same. I would order the pizza again anytime! -NB

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