Recipe: Chimichurri

As a kid, we never had steak sauce. We had Chimichurri which is a garlic, herbs and olive oil. This is very typical in Italian and Argentinian cultures. Now most of the time my dad would make it at home but I haven’t lived at home in almost seven year (time fly’s.) Usually I’d buy some from a local store or deli. But my one complaint is that when you usually buy it in a deli that the 10oz jar will come with 7oz of oil and 3oz of herbs and garlic. Ginny and I really aren’t into the oil (and I’ve been trying to stick to a specific calorie intake.)

I have tried many recipes over the last few years and think that I have found my ideal recipe.
2T. Red Wine Vinegar 
2 Limes (enough for 3T. of Juice)
1 Jalapeño, seeds and stems removed
1/2c. Diced red onion 
1 bunch of cilantro 
1 bunch of Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
12 cloves of peeled garlic**
1/2t – 1t. Crush Red Pepper Flakes
1/2c. Olive Oil
salt to taste.  
1. Using your food processor with the blade attachment. Pulse together all of the ingredients expect for the Olive Oil and Salt.  
2. Add some olive oil to the bowl, pulse together. The consistency that I usually go for is something like a runny peanut butter. Without the oil it just clumps but with the oil it should spread out a bit. 
3. Add salt to taste. I add enough salt to get to the point of where I’d say just a pinch more. Once all of the ingredients marry it will be just right. 
4. Let it rest for 30 minutes before serving. Serve it at room temperature.
** This is a lot of garlic! You will be able to smell and taste the garlic for the next few days!!! Make sure your partner is okay with this otherwise decrease the amount; most normal recipes usually use 2-4 cloves instead. 
I hope you enjoy this as much as Ginny and I do.

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