Recipe: Blue Cheese Bacon Hot Dog

Ginny and I have been smelling the cooking of others in the neighborhood and it got us thinking about this hot dog stand we used to go to called The Stand. One of our favorite Hot Dog’s that they offered was called their Blue Dog. 
Below is my recipe:
       4 Hot Dogs (I used Hebrew Nationals)
       4 Hot Dog Buns
       1 Large Sweet Onion
       4 Strips of thick cut bacon
       1/4c. Barbecue Sauce (I used Bulls Eye)
       Blue Cheese crumbles
       Pinch of Salt
       Pinch of Pepper
  1. Over Medium-High heat start by cooking the bacon, to a well done and crispy consistency. Then chop and put off to the side. 
  2. While the bacon is cooking, start by slicing your onion in half, then into strips. Place the onions in the a saute pan with a  few teaspoons of the grease from the bacon. Some salt and pepper. You’ll wan to cook the onions down. They should be soft and caramel in color. 
  3. Cook your hot dogs, per the direction on the package. Grilling is my preferred method.
  4. Toast your hot dog buns so that the get a little color on them. This helps so that they don’t fall apart. 
  5. Making your dog. Grab a toasted bun, spread some barbecue sauce on the inside. Place you hot dogs in the bun. Then top with blue cheese crumbles, bacon and then the grilled onions. The heat from the dog and the onions will melt the blue cheese. 

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