Lightroom Backup, Optimize and then Shutdown.

Backing up and optimizing my Lightroom catalog has become a pain! My entire catalogue is about 2.7gb’s and contains about 75k images, spanning across fifteen years’ worth of digital imagery. I got my first digital in 2002 and have gone backwards on some of older print images and scanned them in. I could have a smaller catalogs and split out years but the defeats my purpose of keeping my images organized and easily accessible. Until Lightroom give us an option to search various catalogs without loading them this is how I plan to do it.
Back to my issue was that at the end of my editing session I would have to wait for about 12-15 minute and watch Lightroom compress the database and then back it up. Then I’d be able to power for my computer. I try to keep my utility bills low, so there’s no reason to keep my laptop on while I’m asleep. I wish there was an option in Lightroom to shut down the computer after it does it’s task. So after searching, downloading, installing and try fiddling with various programs. I was frustrated so I just stopped except for those rare instances.
At my day job I do I.T. work, for a medium size law firm. We came across an issue where we needed to have a folder delete files within a folder every 7 days. I started my research, since we were going to need to this process to be completed without installation a of any third party software since this process was going to happen on our live mission critical production servers. When discussing with a coworker they told me about batch script’s and using the task scheduler to automate it. So I started learning about how to write batch scripts. This was a site gave me some good starting points. It gave me a list of commands and then some examples of what each does.
Not only was I able to complete my work task but I was also able to figure out a solution for my problem.
So here’s the script that I’ve been using now. Copy and paste this in notepad, go to save as in file type select all files and then name your document something like “Lightroom.bat”.
                Start “Lightroom” /wait “M:My PicturesLightroom CatalogLightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat
                Shutdown –s –t -360
Let me break it down.
Start = start this program 
Wait = this tells the script to wait till the programs closes.
M:My PicturesLightroom CatalogLightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat = this is where my catalog file lives.
                Start “Lightroom” /waitM:My PicturesLightroom CatalogLightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat
For the second line.
                Shutdown = is the command
                -s = is an attribute which tell the PC to shut down; you can use others like (-h = hibernate or –l = to log off)
                -t = tells the script that there is a time delay
                -360 = the delay in seconds
Shutdown –s–t -360     
Hope you found this helpful.


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